August Dessert Roundup

There were so many fun themes in August.  I also got to celebrate my birthday as well as many other wonderful celebrations with family and friends.  Here are a few of my favorites from this month.

Star wars cake pops and cupcakes.  I made these fondant toppers for all the cupcakes.  The characters were on top of our double chocolate cupcakes and the light sabers were on vanilla bean cupcakes.

Baseball was a popular theme for August.  Here is a cake pop basket I put together for a baseball themed family birthday party.  I love how it all looked together and everyone went crazy over them.

I had the great pleasure of taking part of a gender reveal party for a long time client.  The mom to be wanted to find out what the sex of the baby was at the party so the doctor called her brother to reveal the news to him.  Her brother sent me a text with “Its a girl!”.   The color scheme of the party was yellow and green so I made the inside of the cake pops pink and  also made some mini banana cupcakes(her favorite) with yellow frosting and green pearls for the party.  What a fun and special way to find out what your having while surrounded by family and friends.  I can’t wait for the baby shower!

I had a lot of fun with these character cake pops that I made for an engagement party.  I love it when couples find a way to incorporate themselves into their wedding celebrations.  After all, it is all about them.

Speaking of weddings, I somehow managed two weddings in August also.  One was a very last minute wedding that I set up a cake pop “cake” for.  I got the call just one week before the wedding because their cake pop person cancelled on them.  Yikes!  I told myself that I wasn’t going to do weddings this year, but I just had to help them out.  We met two days later for a quick tasting and finalizing of the details and this is what we came up with.  They held the wedding at a beautiful Mexican restaurant in Sunnyvale.  I wish them all the happiness in the world.

The second wedding was a last minute thing as well.  My sister was helping to plan a wedding on a budget for her assistant.  They were going with Costco cake and weren’t going to have any favors.  When I heard that I just had to step in.  I love her assistant.  She is an amazingly sweet lady and I couldn’t have her cutting into a Costco cake at the reception.  Since I was gifting the cake, I didn’t feel any pressure and was able to just bake.  I think it turned out beautiful.  It was my second time making sugar flowers so I went with simple ruffle flowers.  I also made these adorable wedding cake cookies as the favors for the guests.  It was a beautiful wedding that many people helped put together.  I definitely felt the love for this couple.

I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

Sporty Dessert Table

I had the pleasure of designing this dessert table for my nephew who was turning 6.  He loves all sports but mostly football so I wanted to integrate that into the table.  His favorite color is blue so I made that the main color and added green and brown as accent colors since they were going to be used in the other party decorations.  My sister did an amazing job with the food and décor of the party.  Since the party was for family, I decided to get creative with one of the cupcake flavors and add brownies.  Unfortunately I cannot offer this new flavor or the brownies for sale at this time(health department limitations), but I may add it next year.  Here are the pics.


Summer Birthday Dessert Tables

 Spring wedding season was very busy with weddings nearly every weekend.  Summer kicked off with some very fun birthday dessert tables.

The Surf and Shark dessert table is our latest and one of my favorites.  We created some fun custom desserts for this special 5th birthday party, but what made it extra fun were all the details that the birthday boy’s mom put into the table as well.  She was looking for an alternative to a traditional cake but still wanted that centerpiece WOW factor.  I came across the idea for the candy cake on pinterest and she was on board.  The candy cake features the birthday boy’s favority candy.  Each one was stuck to a styrofoam base on using low tack tape so the kids could remove them easily.  The cake is resting on a surfboard that the birthday boy’s dad made and it was raised using fish bowls filled with dark blue water.

The rest of the desserts on the menu were red velvet cake pops that were dipped in two shades of blue with shark fins coming out of the top.  The popcorn cones were made by David’s mom, she is so crafty, and filled with caramel popcorn.  The base was filled with light blue jordan almonds.  There were light blue vanilla bean marshmallows, gumballs, shark shaped “oreo” cookies and blue vanilla bean french macarons.  We also added rock candy in two shades of blue, surfboard cookies, and blue raspberry jello with gummy sharks.  The spoons were topped with mini pictures of David surfing.  The cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate and featured blue frosting with either a gummy shark or a cake shark on top.  The children also got to take home some gummy skewers that had blue shark gummies as well as homemade gumdrops in various colors.  The only thing that didn’t turn out that great was the cotton candy.  The idea was adorable though.  We used blue striped paper straws to hold the cotton candy and put them in a styrofoam base filled with goldfish.  Unfortunately the day was humid and the cotton candy melted.  Lesson learned.  Overall I am really happy with the way the table turned out and more importantly, the birthday boy and his parents loved it!

Check out our party gallery to see more photos of this dessert table plus some of our other summer dessert tables.