Sweet Luna Desserts will be closed until further notice.

September Roundup

September started out slowly so I had a chance to play around with different cookie designs, bake a birthday cake and enjoy the beginning of football season.  It was a nice end to summer.  Then fall rolled in and so did the requests.  Now, I normally try not to take on too much work, but it seems like everyone was having their party the last weekend of September and I decided to pull an all week bake session.  It had been so long since I had one that I was a bit nervous.  Luckily my old organization skills kicked in and I managed to get everything done on time and was really happy with the way it all turned out.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Here are some of my favorite cookie designs that I worked on during some downtime.

My husband’s birthday is in September so I made a cake that I spotted a while back on Pinterest.  I love the way it came out.  I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe and filled it with espresso flavored diplomat cream.  My 5 year old helped with the piggies.  My kids said that the three with their bottoms up were them and I was the one laying down and my husband was the one hanging on the side.  they had the biggest smiles on their faces when they saw it.

Ninja turtle cake pops!  I love the expressions.

Minion cupcakes.

I had a few themed party dessert orders.  I put the photos together to keep this post shorter.  These are great examples of how you can build an awesome custom dessert table on a budget with mini desserts.  A few of these clients were supplementing their tables with some homemade and store bought goodies as well.

Cal Baseball themed desserts for a graduation party.  We incorporated the Cal logo and the graduate’s baseball number into the treats.

A Hawaiian themed birthday party(top picture) and a meet and greet baby shower with the color scheme of teal, baby blue, purple and navy blue.  She wanted swirls and flowers. 

A windmills and pinwheels party for a 6 year old little boy.  We worked the windmills into the cupcake fondant toppers and put the pinwheels on the cake pops.  We also made a jumbo cupcake just for the birthday boy.

July Dessert Recap

July went by really quick and so far August is keeping up pace.  Here is a recap of my favorites from July. 


We’re Back!

We’re back and operating with a Cottage Foods Permit.  What does that mean you ask?  Well, it means that we have a permit from the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health to make baked goods at home.  We are limited in what we are allowed to make though.  We have revised our menu to reflect the restrictions placed on us by the SCCDEH.  This means that many of the items we have made in the past are no longer available.  I know that there are a lot of cute pictures of things we have made before and we may make them again in the future, but for now, its just what we have listed.  I chose to make this change in order to cut back on the work load that we had in the past and focus a bit more time and attention to my family.  The past three years have been very busy and my youngest will be 3 this weekend, YIKES!, and my twins will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  It has been a thrilling adventure for me to create so many wonderful treats for so many wonderful clients over the past three years.  I am super excited for the next chapter of my business.

Although things may seem simpler, I will be posting some new ideas of what we can create with our sweets.  You’d be surprised at how great you can make a dessert table look with simpler and more cost effective treats.  I’ll be starting with my little princess’ birthday party next week which will be themed around Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell.  We’re having a double birthday party with her cousin who was born on the same day as my little one and they got to choose their favorite character.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Till next week!

We’re moving

For the past three years I have had the amazing privilege of working out of a shared commercial kitchen in Campbell.  It was a bit hard to find but I was able to do so much there because of the space and equipment available to me.  After many birthday parties, weddings, and baby showers, my kids have grown and my twins are about to start kindergarten.  May through October are usually my busy season and I spend a lot of time away from my family.  This year, I have decided to slow things down a bit and savor this precious time with my kids.  I am no longer going to be working from a commercial kitchen.  I am in the process of obtaining a Cottage Foods Operation Permit.  This permit allows me to bake from home on a smaller scale.  The permit limits what I can make so there will be changes made to my menu.  All pickups will now be from my home which is located in West San Jose.  I will continue to put out quality products but will no longer have weeks where I take orders upon orders.  Get your order in sooner rather than later as I will be booking up faster.  Thank you for your continued support!